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Overwhelmed About the Little Things

When I think about the number of books in the world, I am overwhelmed.  When I think about the number of fiction books, which is what I read for fun, I get a little bit depressed, because I realize how behind I am.  There are so many books that I have not read that have been out for decades, and I am an English major.  When I think about how many classics I have not read, I feel like a bad English major.  Then I begin thinking about the fact that there are new books published every day.  Now I understand that not every book published is worth reading, but there are quite a few that I want to read.  Unfortunately, I am stuck in the debate over whether to go back and read the older books or read the newer ones in order to keep up with the times.  If I read the newer ones then I will never get to read all of the classics; if I read the older ones then I will be constantly behind in my reading.  On the other hand, I am an English major, therefore I have little time to read anything other than my Bible outside of what is assigned to me.  I make plans to read these great books over Christmas break, but then I think about the books I still have to read for my English major portfolio.


It’s a never ending cycle of being behind on my reading.


If only I could read faster.



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