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So I’m sure a common theme of Facebook posts, blog uploads, and news programs is remembering September 11th, so I thought I’d just follow the general theme.  It’s not that I remember anything particularly new about the day; I was only in fourth grade.  Actually I remember being really confused and that the teachers wouldn’t tell us anything.  We weren’t allowed to watch it on television, because they were afraid of upsetting our fragile minds.  The problem with this was that I didn’t have a television at home so it was probably several days (possibly weeks) later before I actually saw any footage.  I didn’t know anyone involved, nor did any of my friends.  It really didn’t affect me at that moment.  Of course, it affected me later in life, namely in the fact that there is now a ton of security at airports (and I’ve traveled abroad 3 times now, so that’s 24 individual flights).  Also, there are these memorials of something that I don’t particularly remember every year.  Then, in 8th grade I visited ground zero.  I remember wondering why and how after four years they were still trying to clean up.  It’s not that I don’t remember any of it, but I’m afraid most of my memories of grief and despair are not from that particular day, but from mimicking other people’s emotions in later years.  So I guess what I’m saying is, don’t feel bad if you don’t particularly feel any grief on this day, but instead take this as another day to celebrate America and her freedom.  Honor the troops fighting right now and remember in your prayers those families who do vividly remember 9/11 because they lost a loved one.


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  1. While at church today, I had a few more thoughts on this topic. We watched a video about remembering 9/11, and I got to thinking about how it does affect me. The pastor urged us to pray that we would be able to love others because no one knows when their last moment is. He then told a story about the other pastor (who was preaching somewhere else this morning) who had eaten at Ryan’s that week. Bro Kenny (the other pastor) had started a conversation with his waitress which led to him giving her a tract. Bro Kenny found out a few days later that the girl died in a car accident. He doesn’t know if she ever read the tract but it was important that he gave it to her then. The people in the world trade center and twin towers did not know they would lose their lives that day, but I hope someone had told them about Jesus’ love. Through this example I can remember that I should act when the Holy Spirit first moves in me to tell someone about Jesus because I never know what’s in their or my future.


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